About the Flare/Vent Exceptions (Statewide Rule 32) Query

The Flare/Vent Exceptions (Statewide Rule 32) Query allows you to search for Applications for Exception to Statewide Rule 32 (Form R-32) that were submitted on or after May 2, 2021. If an exception application has been approved, a copy of the authorized exception information is available in PDF format through the query.  

The Railroad Commission of Texas’ rule for flaring and venting exceptions is 16 Texas Administrative Code §3.32 (Statewide Rule 32). The rule states that all gas from any oil well, gas well, gas gathering system, gas plant or other gas handling equipment shall be utilized for purposes and uses authorized by law. Statewide Rule 32 allows an operator to flare gas while drilling a well and for up to 10 days after a well’s completion to conduct potential well testing. Statewide Rule 32 also allows an operator to request an exception to flare gas in certain circumstances.

SWR 32 Flare/Vent Exception Applications Query User Guide

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