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Current Rules

Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Title 16.

Economic Regulation Part 1. Railroad Commission of Texas

The official rules of the Railroad Commission of Texas are found in the Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Title 16, Part 1, Chapters 1 through 20. The TAC is maintained by the Office of the Secretary of State and is available online by clicking on the links below. The Railroad Commission of Texas rules are located on the Office of the Secretary of State website at: http://texreg.sos.state.tx.us/public/readtac$ext.ViewTAC?tac_view=3&ti=16&pt=1.

Send questions regarding the Railroad Commission of Texas' rules to the Office of General Counsel at gcwebmaster@rrc.texas.gov.

NOTE: Printable versions of certain chapters are now available in PDF format. Click on the PDF link to see that chapter. Note that the PDF versions include the official text of each chapter in effect on the date the PDF was produced, which is indicated at the bottom of each page. PDF versions of additional chapters will be added in the future. The PDF versions are provided for informational purposes only. The official versions of RRC rules are found under each link following the chapter numbers.

Below is the list of Railroad Commission of Texas chapters currently in effect. Click on the chapter title to go to the list of subchapter and/or rules in that chapter:

Chapter 1: Practice and Procedure ( PDF version 8/21/2017)

Chapter 2: Informal Complaint Procedure (PDF version 5/17/2017)

Chapter 3: Oil and Gas Division (PDF version 11/21/2022)

Chapter 4: Environmental Protection (PDF version 11/14/2013)

Chapter 5: Carbon Dioxide (CO2) (PDF version 9/11/2023)

Chapter 7: Gas Services (PDF version 12/5/2023)

Chapter 8: Pipeline Safety Regulations (PDF version 9/13/2021)

Chapter 9: LP-Gas Safety Rules (PDF version 7/18/2022)

Chapter 11: Surface Mining and Reclamation Division (PDF version 4/10/2014)

Chapter 12: Coal Mining Regulations (PDF version 12/28/2020)

Chapter 13: Regulations for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) (PDF version 2/7/2023)

Chapter 14: Regulations for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) (PDF version 2/7/2023)

Chapter 15: (Chapter repealed effective 2/15/2021; formerly titled Alternative Fuels Programs) 

Chapter 18: Underground Pipeline Damage Prevention (PDF version 2/12/2018)

Chapter 20: Administration