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Commissioner Jim Wright

Jim Wright

Jim Wright is a life-long south Texan, and a fifth-generation Texas rancher. As such, he understands the important relationship the energy industry has with the citizens of our state and the role energy plays as a cornerstone of the Texas economy.

Since his election to the Railroad Commission in November 2020, Commissioner Wright has emphasized the need for a fair and consistent regulatory environment designed to promote and encourage innovation in our state’s energy sector.

Wright believes that the long-term success of the Texas economy and the Texas energy industry are closely linked, and that increasing and strengthening access to global energy markets will ensure that Texas remains an energy and economic powerhouse for years to come. 

Wright has championed solution-oriented leadership since his arrival at the Railroad Commission and has encouraged the industry and the public to engage collaboratively with the Commission for the long-term benefit of the citizens of our great state.

Commissioner Wright understands that the energy industry of tomorrow will look vastly different than the one today.  Which is why he believes the Railroad Commission must be proactive when it comes to issues such as water and carbon management, and when considering regulations for new energy technologies such as geothermal power and hydrogen production and storage.  

Jim Wright first started working in the energy sector at age 19. Through hard work, determination, and a little bit of luck, Wright capitalized on his years of hands-on experience to create a group of environmental management companies that service the energy industry.

In addition to his professional achievements, Wright was a rodeo cowboy, participating in bull riding competitions for more than two decades. Balancing his professional endeavors, Wright is a devoted family man, living in Orange Grove with his wife, Sherry, and their five children, and actively participating in Texas Cowboy Churches.