Javascript and Pop-up Blocker Test

This page contains a link that uses Javascript to create a pop-up window. By selecting this link, you can determine two things:

  1. Does your browser has Javascript enabled?
  2. Do you have pop-up blocking software installed or enabled?

To use the RRC's Public GIS Map Viewer, you must have Javascript enabled and pop-up blocking disabled.


Because pop-up blocking software often gets installed as part of a suite of other tools, your computer may have a pop-up blocker enabled without your knowledge. Many web browsers and add-on tools can enable/disable pop-up windows, such as:

  • Software designed specifically to block pop-up windows
  • Add-on software that includes pop-up blocking functionality
  • Pop-up blocking features included with Internet security software
  • Pop-up blocking spyware, which may have been installed unintentionally

To help you determine if there is any pop-up blocking software or addons on your computer, the RRC provides this simple Popup Blocker Test. When you select the Popup Blocker Test, your browser will attempt to open a new, smaller window. If your computer has Javascript enabled and pop-up blocking disabled, then you should see the pop-up window with a Success! message. This message indicates that you should be able to access the RRC Public GIS Map Viewer. If the test is not successful, you will see only this page.

If you cannot see the pop-up window, please consult the Public GIS Map Viewer Frequently Asked Questions page for tips on disabling various pop-up blocking tools.