Well Records - Online

Oil and gas well records are available online. The Oil and Gas Well Records can be searched by key fields or full text and will include applications to drill, oil and gas completion reports, plugging reports, producer's transportation authority and miscellaneous records from 1981 to present. To view the well record, Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or higher is required. You may download the Adobe Acrobat Reader for free at www.adobe.com.

Glossary -

  • Potential Records - The majority of the oil and gas well records can be found using this link. The records for each lease are organized into a PDF file, with the producer’s transportation authority (Form P-4) records first followed by the Plugging Report (Form W-3), completion packet (Form G-1) and attachments for gas or Form W-2 and attachments for oil, and drilling permit (Form W-1) for each well. Miscellaneous documents will be located after the drilling permit for each well. Leases with a large number of wells may be divided into several PDF files for faster downloading. The forms in each file may vary in physical size up to 11 by 17 inches.
  • Oversized Records - “Oversized” records are those documents that are physically larger than 11 by 17 inches or unusual in shape. They include large plats and maps, electric logs, pressure recording charts, and newspaper clippings. These documents may take longer to download because of their file size. These oversized documents appear as Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) images and require an appropriate image viewer.
  • API (Ex: API#357-80808) - This is a unique, permanent, numeric identifier assigned for identification purposes to a wellbore. It consists of 10 digits. The first 2 digits are the state code. The next 3 digits are the county code. The last 5 digits are the unique number assigned to identify the wellbore. The state code for Texas is 42 and is not generally displayed on Railroad Commission documents. Note: When searching for Oil and Gas Records, do NOT use the state code 42 in the API number. Since oil leases can include multiple wells, there may be multiple API numbers associated with one RRC oil lease number. There is only one well per gas lease, so each RRC gas lease number is associated with only one API number.

    On the Search Results screen, the API numbers for gas wells are displayed in the API# column. The API numbers, along with the well numbers, for individual oil wells within an oil lease are listed under the document links for the lease (Example: API #211-30483 #4078).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Comments and questions about the Oil and Gas Well Records application should be sent to records@rrc.texas.gov.