Comments Received on Proposed Amendments to Chapter 9

The following are comments received by the RRC concerning proposed amendments to various rules in Chapter 9 relating to House Bill 2714 (2019), NFPA updates, and other amendments. The comment period ended at 12:00 p.m. (noon) on Monday, 11/18/2019.  All comments are provided in Adobe Acrobat format.  Email addresses of members of the public have been redacted (blacked out) in accordance with the Public Information (Open Records) Act, Texas Government Code, sec. 552.137, except (1) where the member of the public has affirmatively consented to the release of such comments, as expressly authorized by Government Code sec. 552.137(b); or (2) where the e-mail address appears "on a letterhead, coversheet, printed document, or other document made available to the public," as expressly authorized by Texas Government Code sec. 552.137(c)(4).

Updated:  11/22/2019  

J. R. Anderson

Walter Barnett 

Larry Baty

Daylen Borders

Randall Dally  (Texas Association of Campground Owners)

Fred Devito

Todd Dorris

Richard Gilbert

Dane Graves

Chad Gregg

Alex Hinojosa, Jr. 

Wanda Hoggarth 

Lon Holloway 

Bill Horan

Frank Hurley

Leslie Knight

Jeff Nelson  

Janice Peterson

Mark Peterson

Matt Peterson

Tayra Peterson

Larry Rollins

Texas Propane Gas Association

Ryan Tudyk

Joseph Vattai

Christopher J. Wagner 

Brent Wilkerson