Weekend Maintenance

The RRC website will be undergoing maintenance over the weekend. Please be patient as some of the pages may be slow in responding.

Online Filing Opportunities

RRC is increasing your opportunities to submit required paperwork and interact with us. Described below are two areas of online filing, RRC Online and RRC CASES.

RRC Online

Accessing RRC Online is easy! You can log in to RRC Online here or find it in the RRC Applications link at the top right of every page of this website.

RRC Online currently allows for the filing of the following:

  • Oil & Gas Forms
    • Completion Report (W-2/G-1)
    • Change of Gatherer/Purchaser (P-4)
    • Disposal/Injection Well Monitoring (H-10)*
    • Drilling Permit (W-1)
    • Groundwater Protection Determination (GW-1)
    • Production Report (PR)
    • SWR-13 Exception
    • Well Status Report (G-10/W-10)
    • Digital Well Log Submission
    • Notice of Intention to Plug and Abandon (W-3A)
    • Plugging Record (W-3)
    • Well Pressure Test Report (H-5)
    • Certificate of Compliance (H-9)
    • Test on an Inactive Well More Than 25 Years Old (H-15)
    • Electric Log Status Report (L-1)
    • Request for Clearance of Storage Tanks Prior to Potential Test (P-8)
    • Application for Texas Severance Tax Incentive Certification (ST-1)
    • Application for Permit to Operate a Pipeline in Texas (Liquid/Natural Gas Pipeline) (T-4)
    • Cementing Report (W-15)
  • Pipeline Forms
    • Application for Permit to Operate a Pipeline in Texas (Liquid/Natural Gas Pipeline) (T-4)
    • Pipeline Integrity Filings
    • Texas Damage Reporting Form*

* Some features of these applications can be accessed through the Online Research Queries page without logging into RRC Online.


The RRC’s Case Administration Service Electronic System online portal (RRC CASES) allows you to search and view the agency's case information online, including processed case documents. Authenticated users may also log in to RRC CASES to submit documents for filing in dockets created in RRC CASES. To become an authenticated user, you must request access by submitting the CASES Authenticated User Request Form. Documents may only be uploaded to dockets created in RRC CASES.

  • CASES Forms
    • Appearance Slip
    • Consent to Electronic Service and Notification of Documents, Rulings, Decisions and Orders
    • Pre-Hearing Request Form
    • Hearing Request Form
    • Notice of Intent to Appear at Hearing (NOI)
    • Notice of Intent to Appear at Pre-Hearing Conference